George Sales: Agreement signed 7 January 1858


Typed transcription of Agreement signed 7 January 1858

Agreement made November the 26,1857 between the Trustees of the Charities of the Poor of the Parish of Leigh on the one Part and George Sales of Leigh on the other Part for the Letting and Hiring of that Part of the Charity Property Shown as the Poor House Land.

George Sales agrees to hire the Aforesaid Land with the Lodges and from year to year from the 29 Day of September 1857 at the rent of £13 per annum, subject to the following Conditions.

Firstly, The Rent to be Paid Half Yearly that is to say on the 25th Day of March and the 29th Day of September in Each Year.

Second Half the land to be dressed with manure annually at the rate of 15 cart loads per Acre with good dung or other manure equivalent thereto or be subject to a Penalty of £3 per Acre for every Acre more or less in non compliance with this Rule.

Thirdly the Tenant to keep the Lodges Gates and Fences in good repair to be supplied with rough materials for that purpose.

Signed this 7th Day of January 1858 by

Trustees  (illegible surnames) Tenant George Sales (signed)

Transcribed by Joyce Field (November 2015)