Chris Rowley, We had everything: Index


  • Introduction: Life in 1900
    Map of Leigh 1900
    The Fautly Sisters – Dorothy Fautly and Mrs Kath Johnson
    Jack and Harry Lucas
    The War Memorial
    Bill Crocker and The Leigh United Charities
    Dick Wood and Ivy Wood
    Vicars of Leigh 1900-2000
    Rev. Bill Simmonds and the Sales Family
    May Pearson (Mrs M Everest)
    The Leigh Institute and Village Halls
    Alfred Houghton
    Notice on the Village Green 1930
    ‘Barley’ Faircloth (Mrs Barbara Bear)
    Cyril Selden
    Francis Hamlyn – Farming
    Richard Selling – Gamekeeping
    Donald Hallett – Gamekeeping
    Lord Hollenden
    Winifred Ellis – Leigh Church School, with extracts
    from the School Log by Walter Gibbons)
    Bert Stubbins
    Evelyn Coomber (Mrs E Hall) – The Brickmakers Arms
    Joan Coomber (Mrs J Standen) – The Brickmakers Arms
    Doris Walder (Mrs D Fay) – Greenview and Lealands Avenue
    Phyllis Upfield
    Jack Simmonds and the Titanic
    Doris Ingram (Mrs D Dale) – A Leigh Childhood
    Vera Ingram
    Butchers in Leigh
    Bob Whitehead – The Butcher’s Shop
    Maurice Martin
    Doreen Passingham (Mrs D Brooker)
    John Banks – Garden Cottages
    Molly Hayter (Mrs M Maidman) – The Forge
    Horse Shoeing and The Green
    Peter King – Blacksmith
    Jill and Wendy Bullingham – The Forge
    Joy Castell – The Women’s Institute
    Mrs Ethel Ingram
    Miss Friend: The Baker’s Daughter
    John Knock – Sport in the Village
    Harold Farrington – Cricket Ball Making
    The Oldest Cricket Ball
    Dennis Stolton
    Dorothy Thompsitt (Mrs D Gibbs)
    Archie Denton
    Keith Denton
    Ray and June Chadwick (Mrs J Smith) and Peter Smith
    Monica Gray (Mrs M Patterson) – an Evacuee
    A Memory of the Evacuees
    Betty King (Mrs E Clark)
    Morals over the Century
    Ben Fagg – Bellringing
    Arthur Lewis – Bellringing
    Lady Bellringers
    Don King
    Growing up in Leigh in the Forties and Fifties
    Bet and Joan Smith
    Eric Batchelor
    Daisy Kemp (Mrs D Batchelor)
    Colin and Mary-Anne Stratton-Brown
    Morgan Witzel
    The Village’s View of Leigh 1999
    Leigh School Children 1999
    Map of Leigh 2000
    Chris Rowley – The End of Century