Gales and Greenways Cottages

This is a sixteenth century timber-framed building on to which, at the west end, there is a modern addition.  This property, like Old Chimneys and Elizabeth’s Cottage, was Children property until 1822, when it passed to the Penshurst Estate, who owned it for the next 100 years.  In 1921 Gales and Greenways were sold by the Penshurst Estate with all its properties in Leigh, see 1921 Sales Particulars p. 16, where they are described as a pair of brick and tiled cottages and gardens, facing Powder Mill Lane and extending to an area of about 1 rod 13 perch.  One cottage is let to Mr A S Faircloth with Great Barnett’s Farm (lot 8) on a yearly (11 October) tenancy and the other is let to Mr Charles H Faircloth on a half-yearly tenancy.

Each cottage contained two bedrooms and attic, living room and scullery, W.C. and coal house.  Company’s water and gas laid on.


Joyce Field (December 2015)