Hasted’s History of Kent, 1778, vol 1 the Somerden Hundred

Leigh is included in the Volume I of the map of Somerden Hundred and in the Volume 2 map of the Lowy of Tonbridge. Images of the relevant parts of both these maps are shown. Both maps are based, to a large extent, on Andrew, Drury and Herbert’s map. Shown below is a scaled down image of the map from Volume 1 – the Somerden Hundred.


Hall Place is shown with a fenced park around it. The layout of houses in the village is comparable to what is shown in the Andrew, Drury & Herbert and the 1801 Ordanance Survey maps. There is a track from the Church to Leigh Park Farm roughly on the line of the present footpath. Penshurst Park is shown as a single large Park.