The Society holds an archive of transcribed documents, photographs, maps, miscellaneous documents and books, which are listed below. Please contact our Archivist for further details or any questions.

Transcribed documents, publications and other research material

Primary sources

Archive Index
Burials 1827/1840 of Children aged 5 and under at Leigh
Chapel Burials, Leigh Nonconformist Chapel
DEED 4 Feb 1889: Isabella Maria May plus Death Certificate
DEED 1st August 1913: Exchange of Land and Cottages
DEED of Redemption: Leigh United Charities and Rt Hon Geoffrey Hope Baron  Hollenden: land in Leigh and Hildenborough 1938 (map attached to original)
Hildenborough Burial Records and
INDENTURE between Henry Sturt and Thomas May (and Samuel Morley) re Little Lucy’s Farm, Tonbridge: 16 September 1886
INDENTURE Between Thomas May and Samuel Morley: 28 December 1882
Leigh Parish Registers 1592-1812 (Colyer Fergusson Index)
Leigh Vestry Minutes 1823-1844
Leigh Workhouse Records, 1851
MINUTES of the Parish Council (Indexes only) 1894-1979 | In date order (pdf)In subject order (pdf)
Miscellaneous Documents in our Archive
Poor House Deaths, 1829-40
Redemption Document re: Charity of George Children 1937
Sale of part of Penshurst Place Estate 1921
Tithe Schedule, Leigh, 1840


Secondary sources

A Walk in Old Leigh (Unlimited, 18 The Dene, Sevenoaks TN13 1PB)
A guided walk around Leigh giving details of some of the older buildings in the village. Copy available in Book archive, please contact the Society.

St Mary’s Church, Leigh, A booklet available in the church giving a short history and information about the present building

Geoffrey Barber: History of the Old House (Originally Marden’s Farm) in Hildenborough, Kent (Sept 2014):  places named: Old House, Hildenborough, Mardens, Mardens Farm, Mardens Cottages, Datchurst Manor, Tonbridge, Philpots Lane.  Surnames given: Turke, Miller, Underdowne, Battell, Riche, Thomas, Gilpin, Blackwell, Bennett, Latter, Waite, Hunt, Children, Fowle, Smith, Francis, Day, Newell, Ransom

Lawrence Biddle, Leigh in Kent (1991) ISBN 0-9518461-0-8. An in-depth study of the history of Leigh published by a noted local historian. (Leigh in Kent index) (pdf)

Edward Hasted, The History and Topographical Survey of Kent  (1778). The Ancient and Present state of Kent, Civil and Eccesiastical, collected from the public records and other best authorities, illustrated with maps, views of antiquities and seats of the nobility and gentry etc.

Frank H Hawkins, Notes on the History of the Parish Church of St Mary’s, Leigh. A very detailed account of the history of the church. A copy is available for inspection in the Archive, and through the church.

John Knock, Leigh Royal British Legion Table Tennis Club 1950–2005. A detailed history of table tennis in Leigh. Copy in the Archive.

Commander F.N. Stagg, ‘Some notes on the history of the parish of Leigh, Kent’. The article covers the history of the village up until the time of Samuel Morley but gives particularly useful information for the period 1250-1750. (Some of the generalizations about the Romans and Saxons need to be supplemented with information from other articles on the website).

Chris Rowley, We had everything… (2000), ISBN 0-9539340-0-4. Recollections of a Kent Village, Leigh, from the period 1900-2000. A series of interviews with residents who had lived in the village for a considerable period of time.
View Contents page | View index (pdf)

Chris Rowley, The Lost Powder Mills of Leigh (2009) ISBN 978-09539340-1-0. Available for purchase from the Society.

Chris Rowley, ‘The Powder Mill’, Journal of kent History (vol. ?, date?)

Chris Rowley “Just a Bit Barmy” New Book about the Princess Christian Farm Colony/Hospital 1895-1995.  Published 2019: ISBN 978-0-9539340-4-1.  Price £20 (£25 with p&p).  Available at local bookshops or via the Society:  Contact the Society.  See also article on the book:  Princess Christian Farm Colony.

John Stevens:  “The New Elizabethans” memories of local residents of Leigh in 1950s an 1960s.  Cost £4.00.  Contact the Society.

Nigel West, Leigh Cricket Club from the 1700s to the Present Day (1999) ISBN 0-9537152-0-5. A 300-year history of cricket in Leigh. Information about obtaining a copy may be found on the Cricket Club website.

K.P. Witney, The Jutish Forest: a study of the Weald of Kent from 450 to 1380 A.D. (Athlone Press, 1976). (Synopsis of the main points relating to Leigh and Tonbridge)

Morgen Witzel, Leigh in the War, 1939-1945 (Leigh Historical Society, 1993). View Map. Copies are available to purchase from the Society.

Books held in the Society’s archives

Books are available on loan from the Archivist.  (Book archive below is at 14.11.15) Please contact the Society to request a loan

Title Author Date Published
Akenfield Blythe, R 1972
Antiquarian Magazine: Second Hand Books relating to Kent Swift, Christine
Aspects of Social History: Catalogue of rare and used books 1983
Bodiam Caastle booklet  (NT)

Broadwalk, The Meopham Society Report



Bygone Kent: various
Cantium – Magazine of Kent Local History Autumn 1971
Chart Gunpowder Mills
Chilworth Gunpowder Works, Surrey Crocker, G 1984
Chilworth Gunpowder Works, Surrey English Heritage DVD
Churches Conservation Trust – review
Clay Tobacco Pipes (Shire Publication) Ayto, E
Common Ground (The) Mabley, R 1981
Companion into Kent Gardiner, D 1934
Conservation Areas Sevenoaks Council
Countryside Remembered Ward, S 1991
Dangerous Energy, Archaeology of Gunpowder Cocroft, W D 2000
Dartford Gunpowder Mills Philp, Brian
Domesday Book, Kent Margan, P 1983
Economic Development Strategy Sevenoak DC June 2000
Edwardian Chislehurst, Memories Village Baker Battle, A 1988
English (The). The Countryside and its people Watkins, M 1981
Faversham Explosives Personnel Registers: 4 booklets 1573
Field Country Newspaper (includes photo and article about Lord Hollenden and his role as President of the Salmon & Trout Association) 1957
Folklore of Kent Doel, F & G 2003
Furleys History of the Weald of Kent Vol 1 Furley, R 1871
Furleys History of the Weald of Kent Vol 2 Part 1 Furley, R 1874
Furleys History of the Weald of Kent Vol 2 Part 2 Furley, R 1874
Gunpowder: History of an International Technology
Editor: Blackman, Brenda
Gunpowder Manufacture at Faversham
Gunpowder Mills Gazetteer Crocker, G
Gunpowder Industry, The Crocker, G
Hadlow Life Land and People. 1460-1600 Thirsk, J 2007
Hasteds History of Kent (History and Topographical Survery of Kent (The) vol.1 Hasted, Edward
Historical Atlas of Kent

History of the OLD HOUSE (original Marden’s Farm) in Hildenborough Kent

Lawson & Killingray

Geoffrey Barber



Index: We Had Everything Rowley, C
Inherit the Land, Landowners in the 80’s Rich, L 1987
Jazz Affair, A Knock, J 1995
Journal of Kent Local History 1984
Journal of Kent History – several editions

Journal of Kent County


Spring 1937

Jutish Forest (The), Weald of Kent 450-1380 Witney, K.P. 1976
Kent Archeaological Society Newsletter 1983
Kent. A Chronicle of the Century 1900-1924 Ogley, B 1996
Kent Characters, Wacky, Weird and Wonderful McCooey, C 2002
Kent, Come to (Official County Guide)

Kent of one hundred years ago


Guilmant, A



Kent. The County Books Church, R Undated
Knole Kent

Leigh in Kent 1550-1900

V Sackville West

Biddle, L



Leigh in the War 1939-45 (several copies)
Leigh Village Design Statement 2003
Life of Samuel Morley (The) Hodder, Edwin 1887
Living Memories: recalling and recording the past Rowe/Dixon
Mansions, Men & Tunbridge Ware Younghusband, D 1949
Mumming, Howling and Hoodening Doel, F & G 1992
Oare Gunpowder Works (The) No. 39 & 42 1994
Oare Gunpowder Works Country Park (The): leaflet
Old Tonbridge – POSTCARDS 1900-1930 Skinner, Don 1981
On East Hill, Life on the North Downs Parkin, Monty 2006
Ordnance Survey, Southern Britain in Iron Age 1962
Penshurst Church and Village: Guide (in Penshurst file)
Penshurst: Historical Guide (2 copies) Sydney, Mary 1937
Perambulation of Kent Lambarde, W 1826
Quilt Winders, Pod Shavers, History of Cricket and Bat and Ball Manufacturers Barty-King, H 1979
Royal Gunpowder Mills, Waltham Abbey, Tour booklet
Sevenoaks Essays Ward, Gordon 1937
Shillington (Beds) Village Design Statement
Sir Humphrey David 1978
Studies in Modern Kentish History Detsicas, A 1983
Sussex County Magazine  1937

Tales of Old Tonbridge

Chapman, F 1995
This is Hildenborough from A-Z Cope/Dash
Tonbridge, Some Details of the History of the Parish (incl. Old Photos) Beauchamp Wadmore  1906
Tonbridge’s Industrial Heritage (2 copies) Wilson, A 2005
Tree Preservation: Sevenoaks District Council booket

Tunbridge Wells


Barton, M 1994
Village Messenger and Faithful Words (1885 and 1886 editions in one volume)

Vagrants, Gypsies & ‘Travellers’ Kent 1572-1948


Rickard, G



Walk in old Leigh (A)
‘We Had Everything…’ Index Rowley, C
Weald & Downland Museum Guide Undated
Wye Village Design Statement 2000

Photograph Albums

Four Photograph Albums donated to the Society by Lady Hollenden and Robin Hope Morley:

  1. Leigh Village: 24 views of Leigh between the wars
  2. First Lord Hollenden’s four in band carriages and horses: 12 photos of Lord Hollenden driving his carriages and of individual horses
  3. Hall Place War time activities: approx. 90 photos of Leigh 1941-45 (plus approx.50 of Devon). Of particular interest are farming during the War, the family’s temporary living quarters in Little Hall Place (outbuildings) and shooting parties. Please note: some of the photos in this album have been removed
  4. Hall Place – exteriors: approx. 40 photos of Hall Place, deer in the deer park and other animals; and Prices Wood

Other Photograph Albums:

  1. Album of 2000 planting of Millenium Oaks
  2. Album of photos of 1987 exhibition
  3. Album presented to Geoffrey Hope Morley – misc. photos of Hall Place
  4. Album (small brown)  of black/white photos of Leigh (all on website)

Other Photographs:

Photographs of Hall Place ca. 1920s, plus one of Lych Gate and one of Home Farm Dairy, given to Society by Tim Bance.  (Kept separately in large folder).



  • Medway on Screen: Memories of the River Medway and West Kent
  • Leigh Kent and the Scouts in the 1930s
  • Paysages D’ici et D’ailleurs (The Countryside here and elsewhere) : features Leigh (in French)
  • Kent Underground Research Group Newsletters – DVD
  • Roslin Gunpowder Mills: DVD