Sidney Everest

L2755 and M3751, Cook’s Mate, H.M.T.B. “No.12”, Royal Navy. Died 10th June 1915 aged 22 in the North Sea. Remembered on The Chatham Naval Memorial.




TB.12 was originally the Cricket class coastal destroyer Moth. All 36 ships of this class had been down-rated to 1st class torpedo boats in 1906. This class of ship had a crew of 35, was 171 feet long with a displacement of 245 tons and capable of 26 knots. The armament consisted of 2-12 pound guns and 3-18 inch torpedo tubes. Believed to be on patrol in the North Sea with TB.10 (ex Greenfly) they were both sunk on the 10th June 1915 either by a mine or by a German U-boat.

Born on the 17th April 1893. Son of John and Ann Everest. As he enlisted immediately after his eightieth birthday does not appear on the Electoral Register.

Remembered on the Leigh, Chiddingstone Causeway, Penshurst and Edenbridge Hospital War Memorials.

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