Coronation Celebrations 1953: A Parade of Decorated Vehicles!

A parade of decorated vehicles!

 The coronation in 1953 was celebrated all around the local area.  But what did Leigh do to mark the day.  A report entitled “Featherbed Farmers” won prize at Leigh in the Courier of 5 June 1953 describes the celebrations, the highlight being a parade of decorated vehicles.

 A parade of decorated vehicles was the big feature of Leigh’s celebrations.  Anything on wheels that could be decorated from a farm tractor and trailer to box barrows were to be seen.

The farm tractor and trailer entered by Mr F Longhurst and Mr B Pankhurst (Feather-bed farmers) gained for them the only award in their class.  In those for children the five prize winners were Susan Bridgen, Christine Hawkins, Alison Hawkins, Jane Fuller and Susan Healey.

Decorated car prizes went to Mr D Houghton and Mr R Sharp.  Judges were Mr and Mrs L F Hitchcock.

Sport and Dancing

There were sports and dancing and a bonfire.  Yesterday (Thursday) the children had a tea party and received their souvenirs.  Tomorrow (Saturday) the over 65’s will be entertained to tea and a film show.

The committee responsible for the organisation consisted of Mr E James (Chairman), the Rev J B Eyre Walker (Vice chairman), Mrs R Sharp (hon. Secretary), Miss H Naish (hon. Treasurer), Mr F Whibley, Mr A Houghton, Mr E Crawford, Mr K Parrett, Mrs S Wells, Mr J Fitzjohn, Mr F A Healy, Mrs J Brooker, Mrs L A Biddle and Mr K. Brooker.

Joyce Field (Parish Magazine Article: June 2019)