The following family trees show the relationships between the Heath and Hine families.

Hodsoll and Heath Family Tree as at 4.3.19
Hodsoll and Heath Family Tree as at 4.3.19












Hine family tree
Hine family tree As at 4.3.19











Agnes Mary Heath Family Tree as at 4.3.19

Agnes Mary Heath Family Tree as at 4.3.19



Although the name ‘Lenox’ is found in the records as Lenox or Lennox, the family today take the name Lenox with the single ‘n’.

Charles Lenox Richardson b. 1833 d. 1862 in Japan.  Merchant in the Far East and was killed in the Namamugi incident.  In his Will left his effects to his sister, Agnes Mary Heath.

Charles Lennox Ridgeway probate 11 March 1957: of High Hill Hittlesleigh Exeter to Henry John Wasbourgh and William Hugh Truemann Fisher solicitors: effects £5602.9s.4d

 1841 census at Hackney: but only Charles and Louisa; children away at school.

Charles Lennox Richardson at school in Hackney – aged 8 a pupil

Who is Thomas Lacey b. 1833 Glos = Elizabeth  b. 1833 Glos

Who are:  Agnes Lennox   b. 1848   Tottenham:  would have been daughter of mother’s sister in law – so a cousin.    Rose Lennox  b. 1822  Truro – would have been mother’s sister in law. 

George William LENOX and Rosa Ross LENOX and connection to Agnes Mary Richardson/Heath:

George William LENOX b. 20 may 1798 bapt 8 may 1800 All Hallows, Tottenham (son of SAMUEL LENOX and Agnes Maria) (iron cable anchor manufacturer employing 1000 men/boys MARRIED Rosa Ross (Lenox) b.Cornwall

George Charles Lennox Lenox  bapt 29 May 1843 Tottenham
Rosa Harriet bapt 21 Sept 1840 Tottenham
Agnes Maria bapt. 20 May 1845 Hendon  (but registered at Edmonton 1844)
Lewis Gordon bapt 25 Dec 1846 Tottenham
Helen bapt 15 Aug 1848 Tottenham

Possibly another: John M  Lenox  b ca 1847

Will: George William Lenox:  effects under £50,000
George William Lenox of 8 Billiter Sq in City of London and of 34 Portland Place in Mddx and of Ynsangharrad Pontypridd died 4 Spet 1868 at Pontypridd, proved by oaths of George Charles Lennox Lenox of 34 Portland Square son, and Alexander de Castro Napoleon Wilkinson of Park Crescent, Stockwell.  (n.b. Alexander de C N Wilkinson appears in 1851 census with Lenox family)

Will of Rosa Ross Lenox: died 13 June 1882 Glamorgan
Admin granted to George Charles lennox Lenox of St Mary Grove Park Chiswick and Lewis Gordon Lenox of Ynysangharrad gentleman.

1851 census Hungers Lane Tottenham
George W Lennox head 52  iron cable anchor manufacturer  b. Middx.
Rosa Lennox wife 29  b. Cornwall
Rose Harriett Lennox 10 b. Middx Tottenham
George C Lennox 7
Agnes Maria Lennox  6
Lewis Gordon Lennox 11
John M….  Lennox 4
Helen Lennox  3

Alex N Wilkinson  brother-in-law 22 clerk in office b. Kent

Emily Hutton  sister in law   25  ?  wife of above  ?  Kent

1861 census st Giles North
George W Lennox head 62  iron cable anchor manufacturer employing 1000  b. Middx.
Rosa R Lennox wife 39  b. Cornwall
Rose Harriett Lennox 20 b. Middx Tottenham
George C Lennox 18
Agnes Maria   16
Helen Lennox 1 3