Great Boydens – the Row

(The following is taken from Lawrence Biddle’s book: Leigh in Kent 1550-1900)

Great Boydens, sometimes called the Row, was the property to the east of the Forge and consisted of a block of three cottages and two semi-detached cottages.  In 1750 it was owned by James Young of Westerham.  It was sold in 1765 to John Crowhurst.  He sold it in 1769 to Samuel Mills who had substantial estates centred at Poundsbridge in Penshurst.  In 1781 Samuel Mills sold to Thomas Nightingale who died in1817, leaving the property to his son, Thomas, who was still owning it in 1840. At some date before 1846 he sold to William Constable.  When he died, Great Boydens passed to Henry and Humphrey Constable.  In November 1867 Joshua, the heir to Henry, and the executors of Humphrey Constable sold to Thomas Baily.  These cottages then formed part of the 1870 sale to Samuel Morley and were pulled down when Forge Square was built.

(Joyce Field: March 2015)