Checklist of trees and plants on the Powder Mills site, 2005

Compiled by Anita Fleming, May 2005

This is an area of woodland and scrub, intersected by waterways, some with flowing water, some stagnant, some dried up, with a few boggy patches. The preponderant tree is sycamore, a non-native that is a poor provider of biodiversity, few invertebrates live on it and birds usually nest elsewhere. The leaves create heavy shade, inimical to most plant life, apart from brambles and nettles. Most trees are clad with ivy.

A further survey will be done, as necessary in the autumn/winter 2007.

ACONITUM FAMILY Aconitum napellus (monkshood or wolfsbane)
PINK FAMILY – caryophyllaceae Greater stitchwort – stellaria holostea
NETTLE FAMILY – urticaceae Stinging nettle – urtica dioica *
DOCK FAMILY Curled dock – rumex crispus *
VIOLET FAMILY – violaceae Common dog violet – viola riviniana
CABBAGE FAMILY – brassicaceae

Garlic mustard – alliaria petiolata
Cuckooflower (aka lady’s smock) – cardamine pratensis

PRIMROSE FAMILY – primulaceae Primrose – primula vulgaris
ROSE FAMILY – rosaceae

Dog rose – rosa canina *
Bramble – rubus fruticosus *
Meadowsweet – filipendula ulmaria
Herb bennet – geum urbanum

PEA FAMILY – fabaceae Bush vetch – vicia lathyroides

Great willowherb – epilobium hirsutum
Enchanter’s nightshade – circaea lutetiana

SPURGE FAMILY – euphorbiaceae Dog’s mercury – mecurialis perennis
CRANESBILL FAMILY – geraniaceae Herb Robert – geranium robertianum
BALSAM FAMILY – balsaminaceae

Himalayan balsam – impatiens glandulifera *

CARROT FAMILY – apiaceae

Cow parsley – anthriscus sylvestris
Ground elder – aegopodium podagraria *
Wild angelica – angelica sylvestris *
Hemlock water dropwort – oenanthe crocata *


White deadnettle – lamium album
Yellow archangel – lamiastrum galeobdolon
Ground ivy – glechoma hederacea
Hedge woundwort – stachys sylvatica *
Bugle – ajuga reptans
Gypsywort – lycopus europaeus *

FIGWORT FAMILY – scrophularaceae Wood speedwell – veronica montana


Cleavers (aka avens, goosegrass) – gallium aparine
HONEYSUCKLE FAMILY – caprifoliaceae Honeysuckle – lonicera periclymenum *
DAISY FAMILY – asteraceae (compositae)

Lesser burdock – arctium inus
Dandelion – taraxacum officinale *
Nipplewort – lapsana communis *

LILY FAMILY – liliaceae

Bluebell – hyacinthoides non-scriptus
Spanish bluebell – hyacinthoides hispanica
Ramsons (aka wild garlic) – allium ursinum

IRIS FAMILY – iridaceae YELLOW IRIS – iris pseudacorus *
ARUM FAMILY – araceae Lords-and-ladies (aka cuckoo pint) – arum maculatum

Hazel – corylus avellana
Alder – alnus glutinosa
Poplar – (identity uncertain)
Crack willow – salix fragilis
Ash – fraxinus excelsior
Elder – sambucus nigra
Pedunculate oak – quercus robur
Hawthorn – crataegus monogyna
Horse chestnut – aesculus hippoastanum
Sycamore – acerpseudoplatanus
Ivy – hedera helix
Wild cherry – prunus avium

SEDGES Pendulous sedge – carex pendula

Male fern – dryopteris filix-max
Hartstongue –phyllitis scolopendrium

* not in flower