1801 Ordnance Survey

This was the first map based on a trigonometrical survey made by the Board of Ordnance. The drive to produce this map first arose from the need for an accurate map for national defence at the time of the Napoleonic wars and in 1801 it was published and made available tor civilians. The scale of the map was 1 inch to the mile. The section of the map around Leigh is shown below.


In this map many more farms are named than in Andrew or Hasted’s maps and include Moorden, Blackhoath, White Post Charket, Wickhurst, Leigh Park Farm, Priory, Barnetts, Ramhurst and its Mill, Enslield, Haysden, Ashour, Killicks Bank, Poles (sic), Lower Street, Stocks Green, Meopham Bank.

The pattern of buildings in the village largely reflects the pattern shown in the Andrews and Hasted Maps but the group of buildings at the Vicarage and Kennards is shown with greater accuracy. For the first time there appears to be a continuous road from Leigh to Ensfield and another road on the line of the present bridle path trom Ensfield to Haysden.