Maps of Leigh and district


Other Maps

There are other maps relating to Leigh, and reference to such maps, in the Kent Archives, Maidstone.  The Society also has copies of various maps in its archive and on CDs (see below) held by the Society.

The Leigh Historical Society has a copy of:

1837: Nizells Estate Map 1837 – property of Alexander Glendinning

In our Archive.

1908 Ordnance Survey map of Leigh

The Leigh Historical Society has photocopies of these maps in our Archive.   The maps are as follows:

MAP A:  Sevenoaks Weald and Chiddingstone 1699  (on CD at Kent Archives)

Covers a detached part (north west) of Leigh at Hale Oak owned by James Beecher.  Appears to show a lane (Retherden’s Lane) no longer on the map going west towards Sharp’s Place and east from Hale Green through West Woods towards Coppings.  The top of the map reads “Retherdens Land:  in the parishes of Sevenoaks and Chiddingstone in Kent as the map showeth belonging now to James Beecher which was left him by his father James Beecher heretofore purchased of the Beechers by his grandfather James Beecher of Hale *ot far* Distant Now in the Occupation of R’d Turner & Surveyed 1699.  Other places and names mentioned on map:  Mr Hide; Great Feild; Middle feild; Littl feild; Willm Woodgate Esq; Hubbards Hill; Collycoat; (part of Penshurst/part of Leigh Parish.

MAP B: Tonbridge, Seal and Shipbourne 1713  (on CD at Kent Archives)

Tyherst and Tillhouse lands near Great Hollanden, formerly Leigh detached showing the lane from Watts Cross running to Great Hollanden and a former route running up to Great Hollanden.  The sharp left turn in the road at Princes Christians is clearly shown but described as Ridden Lane.  Where the Princess Christian road north meets the road to Shipbourne, a lane is marked going north along the present parish boundary.   The map is a survey and states that the land ‘being the lands of Will’m Streatfeild of London Gent’.  The rest is not very legible:  the maps mentions ‘Children Land’, ‘Goodhugh’ and field names.

MAP C: Chiddingstone and Leigh 1775 (on CD at Kent Archives)

Hale Farm around Little Hale survey for Thos Wellings.  ‘A Terrier of all the land in this plan’ – lists the fields and acreage.  However very unclear on our photocopy.

MAP D: Sevenoaks, Chidingstone, Leigh and Penshurst 1801 (on CD at Kent Archives)

The area south and east of Halls Green towards Little Hale surveyed for Henry Woodgate.  Lists fields and acreage: however, photocopy not clear.

MAP E:  Chiddingstone and Sevenoaks Weald 1825 (on CD at Kent Archives)

Area around Sharp’s Place Farm and Halls Green showing the lane earlier known as Retherden’s Lane.  Names William Wells Esq; Henry Streatfield Esq; John Ward Esq; Christopher Cooke Esq; Henry Woodgate Esqp; Mr Nelson Ryecroft Bart; names fields.  Photocopy is not easy to read.

The following maps are held at Penshurst Place:

Penshurst Place c. 1740: includes west parts of Leigh

Penshurst and Leigh 1743:  Wood belonging to Earl of Leicester

Leigh 1744:  Farm adjoining Penshurst Park including Killick’s Bank showing field names and adjacent owners.

Penshurst, Leigh and Bidborough 1758:  a moiety of several areas including west and north Leigh showing field names and adjacent owners.


On CDs the Society has copies of the following maps (there is some duplication):

Disk 1:  Ordnance Survey 1897 (only part around Leigh village itself)
Site Plan of princess Christian
Site Plan of Leybourne Grange

Disk 3:  Leigh 1841 Tithe Map

Disk 10:

  • Hall Place Estate Map 1871
  • Hall Place Plan 1873: photographs of book and contents, including Home Farm, Chapel, Schools, Cottage, Stables and laundry. Plan of main house.

Disk 11:  Hall Place Estate Map – Large map of 1871

Disk 16:

  • Drainage Map 1872
  • Funks Map 1767
  • Map Hall Place Estate Lot One (1870 plan)
  • Map Hall Place Estate Lot Two (1870 plan)
  • Map Hall Place Estate Lot Three and Lot Four (1870 plan)
  • Map Hall Place Estate Lots 5-16 (1870 plan)
  • Map 1758 Lady Yonge lands in Leigh
  • Map Lady Yonge lands in Leigh
  • Map: Andrew Dury map
  • Map: Hasted A.
  • Map: Hasted B.
  • Map: O/S 1802
  • Map:  Canal Plan
  • Map:  Greenwood’s map of 1821
  • Map:  O/S date not known
  • Map: Powder Mills A.
  • Map:  Powder Mills B.
  • Map:  Tithe Map 1841 centre of  Leigh
  • Map:  O/S 1870 centre of Leigh
  • Map:  sewerage map pre 1890
  • Map:  O/S 1908
  • Map: Geological O/S
  • Map: Tyherst
  • Map: Cinder Hill
  • Map:  Clarks Farm 1767  (now Home Farm)
  • Map: Little Kettles 1819 property of James Rose
  • Map: plan of The Bat and Ball 1879 re: drainage
  • Map: plan of Morley and May houses (i.e. now The Square) 1879 re drainage
  • Map: Lower Green development 1839-1970
  • Map:  O/S 1897
  • Plan: sewers 1967
  • Map:  Penshurst
  • Map:  Leigh O/S 1870
  • Map:  Leigh O/S post 1920: has War Memorial
  • Map: Leigh O/S  undated but post 1890
  • Tithe Map part 1  (photoshop docs)
  • Tithe Map part 2            “          
  • Tithe Map part 3            “
  • Tithe Map Part 4            “

Disk 21:

  • 1596 Map of Kent
  •  1648 Map of Kent
  •  1870 Sale Plan of Hall Place Estate
  •  1907 O.S. Kent Sheet LNW
  •  1908 O.S. Kent Sheet L5
  •  1909 O.s. Kent Sheet L.N.W.
  •  1909 O.S. Kent Sheet L.S.E.
  •  1927 Rent Charge Copping Farm
  •  1927 Tithe Rent Charge Powder Mill Lane
  •  1937 Leigh Village ver A
  •  1937 Leigh Village ver B
  • 1938 O.S. Kent Sheet L10 Leigh
  • Leigh 5 Maps AssemblyDigital Image copyright of KCC:
    1778 Land Tonbridge/Leigh belonging to William Dod  Copyright restricted:
    1968 TQ 5257 Charcott
    1990 Leigh Civil Reponse Group