Old Bakery (The)

Old Bakery

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Bakery and Chapel Going by Joyce Juggins


1853 Built by Edward Wheatley (a builder), who occupied the left one of a pair of cottages.
Long building lease probably granted by Lord De Lisle who, as the ground landlord, would have reqd the lessee to mark the cottages with his crest (Bear & Ragged Staff).
RH cottage let to Mr Gibbs, and used as a baker's shop.
Wheatley built two other cottages at the same time (El Vanin & Ranmore),

Occupants of the two cottages (1858-79)

Date Southern Northern
1863 (October) John Leigh John Wickenden 1858 (April)
1864 (March) Ed Wheatley James Marchant 1863 (October)
1875 (May) John Hills
1879 (May) Mrs Martin
1860 Shop established, according to photo with Belton's name freshly overpainted. "Baker, confectioner and corn merchant"
1869 Ordnance Svy Map, 25 inch, shows the two cottages that became the bakery.
1872 Drainage system put in village by Samuel Morley; Houses 81 (Marchant) & 82 (Hill) on plans, small & lge scale. Both houses had "eaves gutters" at the front, common privy over ditch & brick closet behind.
1883 The two cottages were merged, and the actual bakery transferred to this site from what is now Laundry Cottage.
Frederick Hollands baked and sold bread on this site.
1898 Sale by public auction, on 28 June at Rose & Crown, Tonbridge, of 'Baker's house, shop and bakehouse, with coach-house & stable, workshops, large garden and lawn, let to Mr Hollands at £40/ann.' The Free Press June 25, 1898.
1902 Piped water from Tonbridge reached Leigh.
1906 Piped water in Lower Green.
1910 Sewage scheme extended through village.
1912 Gas in Lower Green.
?1914 Mr Friend the baker, & Elsie & Arthur his children.
1922 House sold by KFR as "A commodious house and baker's shop,… let to Mr T Belton on a yearly Michaelmas tenancy", when outlying portions of the Penshurst Estate (cut off by the railway in 1842) were sold to pay Estate Duty. Coach-house, two-stall stable and store shed mentioned. Mr Belton famous for his iced cakes, sold to TW hotels,
Tom Belton "lean & dumpy"
1927 Robert Phipps the baker, who ran the chapel, & sold teas.
1929 Electricity came, by cable through Powder Mills – Tonbridge UDC.
1930s The Tengroves must have taken over the Bakery in the mid '30s (Joan Coomber).
1930s late Obky also hosted the Post Office, between locations at The Square and the Green, before the war.
1939 Business sold by Phipps to Mr Lakeman (?Lakeland )
?1949 Obky sold by Lakeman to Mr F A Smith
L E Smith & son took over
Smith sold Obky to Mr Trengrove.
1964 Converted to one larger dwelling house, for a retired colonel.