White Cottage (The)

The White Cottage – formerly two cottages – is located between the railway line and the main road out of the village towards Chiddingstone Causeway, at Blackhoath and are situated next to Blackhoath Cottages.

These cottages were built prior to 1871 because they appear on the 1871 ordnance survey map (the Society has an 1882 copy of the 1871 map, and a picture showing the location of these cottages is shown below).  On this picture, the cottages is located at 392.

They were offered for sale as part of the Penshurst Place Sale of its outlying land and properties in 1921.  They are lot 29, coloured yellow on the Plan of the sale – number 493, plus woodland 492 and 449 – an area of 1 acre 5 perches.

In the Sales Particulars it states that they are let to Widow Turner and Mrs Percy Denton on weekly tenancies.

The cottages are built of brick and slate, and each contain: sitting room, scullery, two bedrooms, WC, bakehouse and wash-house – shared.  Water comes from a well in the garden and drainage into cesspool.

Penshurst Sales Particulars 1921 (page 25 – 25: lot 29:  plus Map)


(Joyce Field: Feb 2015)


Photograph from 1882 copy of the 1871 Ordnance Survey Map
Photograph from 1882 copy of the 1871 Ordnance Survey Map