East Lodge

East Lodge

East Lodge and Lych Gate. Note the gas light to the left, and large tree (oak?) to right of the lych gate
East Lodge and Lych Gate. Note the gas light to the left, and large tree (oak?) to right of the lych gate


East Lodge is located today at the main entrance to Hall Place: in 1841 the Lodge stood on the north side of the main entrance to Hall Place Park, but in 1852 Thomas Farmer Baily replaced it with the present East Lodge with gates adjoining.  The surround to the gates show, carved in stone, three shells (taken from the coat of arms of the Perkins family, the family of Thomas Farmer Baily’s mother, Amelia C S Perkins : see Baily Family Tree), two leopards heads with straw coming out of their mouths, and two roses which were no doubt part of the Baily coat of arms.

From the 1870 Sales Particulars of Hall Place Estate, the Lodge is described as the Entrance Lodge near the Church, built of red and black brick with Bath stone dressings, with coat of arms.   It has a lofty archway and pair of ornamental entrance gates.  The lodge contains 5 rooms with washhouse.   Estimate of rent £6 per annum.  It is not given as inhabited in 1870.

Looking at the censuses we can determine some of the occupants of the Lodge:

1851:  although the ‘houses’ are not named in the census, from the sequence in the census it would appear that it was occupied by Charles Wilson, a  gardener

1861:  again, ‘houses’ not named, but it appeared occupied by James Pilbeam, carpenter

1871:  described as ‘Lodge Park Gate’ it is occupied by Charles Davis, a gardener, probably to the Estate, and his wife.

1881: “Gate House” – we assume the lodge, is occupied  by William Baldwin (27), a stoker at gas works, and his wife, Priscilla, and their children.

1891: the census gives no “house” names and therefore it is not clear who lives at the Lodge.  However William Baldwin, now a ‘stationary engine driver’ and his wife are in the village, but it clearly states that the property where he lives is on the South Side of the village.

1901:  at “Church Lodge”, is William Baldwin, Mechancial Engineer and his wife, Priscilla.

1911   at “Lodge Gate” 6 rooms, is William Baldwin, 57, an electrical engineers – place of work: Private Mansion (so assume Hall Place), with his wife, Priscilla.


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