Around the parish and MAPS

Aerial view of Leigh and St Mary's Church. Postcard, 1980
Aerial view of Leigh and St Mary’s Church. Postcard, 1980

Many of the buildings discussed in this section can be found within the conservation area.

In the Leigh Historical Society archives is a photocopy of Conveyances in respect of properties and land formerly held by Hall Place.   The document, known as an Epitome of Title, details sales and transfers of estate properties into eventual private ownership.   The Law of Property Act 1925 changed the way that land was held and abolished tenure by copyhold.  In 1926 various deeds were entered into by the Hope Morley family as Trustees   Gradually over the next 50 years or so former copyhold properties now held under Trust by the Hope-Morley family were sold off to tenants.  The Conveyances give details of transfers and names of properties and tenants, plus some maps.  (see Hall Place)